Day 30

At the Fluevog store in Gastown, Vancouver

This is it folks…my final shoe photo. I couldn’t help but end with another pair of Fluevogs, they being my favourites. These are his Gateway Jaffa boot. Surprisingly, there’s no message on the sole as there is on most of Fluevog’s footwear.

While I rarely buy brand new shoes or boots for myself anymore, I was unable to resist these. I hope you won’t hold that against me, since one of the purposes of this blog was to focus on second hand footwear, or pairs that I have had for a very long time.

I want to thank everyone who generously made a donation to soles4souls. Your dollars will truly go to a good cause. I will keep this website live for a few more weeks in case there are any last minute donations that come in, and in case there is anyone interested in doing some guest postings.

Also, if there are any shoes you’ve seen on this site that you’re interested in purchasing (among the ones I’ve indicated are for sale) let me know and I can send you more information about them and more photos. All the money from the sales will go to soles4souls.

In deepest gratitude,


Day 29

At a market on Salt Spring Island

These Anne Klein wedge pumps got to travel with me to Salt Spring Island this past week-end. It’s a beautiful spot – the biggest of British Columbia’s South Gulf Islands, although still small with only about 10,000 people. The shoes and I enjoyed art galleries, cafes, shops, and of course the famous Saturday morning Farmer’s Market.

These shoes are yet another ebay purchase, from a woman who can no longer wear high heels. She thought she could cheat fate with these wedges, but they just weren’t right for her feet. Thankfully they do work for me. They’re comfortable, versatile, and I was able to purchase them for very few dollars.

Day 28


A shoe shine at the Vancouver airport

I am in Vancouver and surrounding area for the next several days. Without my usual computer set-up and resources I am not able to provide the best photos, but I will give it my all for you and for soles4souls.

Getting this photo turned out to be quite an interesting process. The woman working at the shoe shine stand in the airport appeared not to have been in Canada for long. She spoke hardly any English.

That wasn’t a problem when she was shining my shoes, but afterwards when I asked if she would take a photo, the challenge began.

She thought I wanted to take her picture, something she absolutely was not going to allow. It took quite a game of charades before she understood that I was to be the subject of the photo, and not all of me but just my shoes. That figured out we got down to business, but she didn’t know how to use my camera, so it was several more minutes of instruction before she felt comfortable snapping the shot. She was a great sport about it though.

The shoes themselves I’ve had for years. I got them on a trip to Vancouver when I was looking for a good walking shoe, and they have since been back to Vancouver several times and will no doubt return several more times before the end of their lives.

Day 27

When I was a kid, I wanted to learn to tap dance. But there was only money for one activity, and I chose piano. The desire to tap remained at the back of my mind however, and finally – at the age of 52 – I signed up for lessons. I had my first tap class this week. Great fun!

The shoes are another Salvation Army find. I took it as a sign that it was time for lessons when I discovered these, in mint condition, and in my size.

Day 26

All the world's a stage.

These are my ‘ever ready bunny’ boots. I bought them at a store here in town when my kids were just little. That was at least 15 years ago and probably closer to 20. These boots are still in great shape; they just keep going and going and going!

It only goes to show if you take reasonably good care of your footwear, it will last years, if not generations.

Day 25

These plastic clown shoes used to be a regular part of the Halloween costume I wore to greet trick or treaters coming to our house. One year, however, I tripped over my own feet as I was opening the door and I just about landed on top of three wide-eyed little girls (or should I say a princess, a unicorn and a black cat).

After that I decided it would be best to retire the costume, or at least these shoes. So if you’re not as clumsy as I am and you’re in the market for clown shoes this Halloween, let me know.  All it’ll cost you is a donation to soles4souls.

Surprisingly, these shoes were not made in China as you’d expect, but in Italy.

Day 24

"Robert Service's Desk" on Main Street, Whitehorse

I found these Stephane de Raucourt boots a couple of years ago during a day of thrift store shopping with a friend in Vancouver. I think I paid all of $20 for them.

I like their funkiness…they remind me of a cross between a bowling shoe and a vintage ski boot, and they have lovely soft leather inside and out.

That same day, at that same Value Village store, I also found a beautifully-cut Italian jacket, so it was quite the successful shopping trip.

Day 23

I call these Betsy Johnson shoes my Betty Boops, because of their red plastic bows. I found these on ebay along with a Betsy black dress, both of which I wore first to a dance performance my daughter was giving, and later to a staff Christmas party. 

While I love the shoes, I’ve decided the heel is just a tad too high for me, so I think I will be putting these up for sale shortly. However I would consider giving them away in exchange for a donation of $50 or more to soles4souls. They’re a size 8; leather uppers outside with fabric lining, and as you can see they’re in excellent condition.

Day 22

Defiant to the end! Our first snowfall of the season.

More Fluevogs! Living in Northern Canada you wouldn’t think a person would have much use for sandals. In fact we Yukoners take every opportunity we can during our short summers to bare our tootsies. My husband even sometimes wears sandals in the winter, albeit with warm socks.

Today marks the start of the final week of my daily shoe postings, so if you’ve been thinking of making a donation to soles4souls and haven’t yet, keep in mind that time is running out. Also, if you are interested in taking on a few days of guest posting so we can keep this blog going a little while longer, please let me know.  All you need to do is email me your photos and stories at and I’ll take care of the posting. Thanks everyone!

Day 21

Look Ma, no hands!

These navy shoes, from Kalena’s in Vancouver, were purchased several years ago for a wedding I was attending.

The wedding was an elaborate three-day affair in traditional East Indian style. My daughter was one of the bridesmaids, so she was given a beautiful silk salwar kurta (Punjabi suit), but I too was given a gorgeous royal blue one, which sadly I haven’t had another occasion to wear.

In contrast, the shoes have gone on many outings and are starting to show their age. Nonetheless, I still love their butter soft leather and their interesting-shaped toe.